F Wall Street Hits #1

August 6, 2010 by Joe Ponzio

Let me begin by thanking all of you for your kind support and involvement here on F Wall Street. And then…let me follow up with an even bigger thank you — F Wall Street just became Amazon’s #1 Business & Investing book in the Investing category, the #23 book in the overall Business & Investing category, and the #112 book overall on Amazon.com!

In my wildest dreams, I never expected the F Wall Streets — the book and this website — to become as popular as they are, so…thank you!

Latest Quarterly Letter

It has been a while since I’ve posted an investment-related article. As you can imagine, I’ve been busy. Still, I’d like to keep things going. Here is my latest quarterly letter to clients, which, if I had to give it a title, would be called, “But Not Without Pain.”

The theme is quite simple — volatility happens. Short-term result should be ignored, however, because short-term volatility is no indication of a long-term trend or potential performance. Enjoy!

ยป Download the Q2 2010 letter.

Have You Noticed?

If you’re an RSS or e-mail reader, you may not have noticed some of the article submitted by other writers. For example:

You won’t get these to your email or RSS feed, as each author has his/her own links to follow. (That way, you can pick and choose your favorites to follow.) If you want to receive all articles on F Wall Street, there’s a feed and email subscription for that too!

The Spreadsheets

Some of you have been experiencing data issues with the spreadsheet…again. Apparently, nobody wants to give away free fundamental stock data anymore. The designers are working on it, but it looks like we’re heading in one of two directions:

  1. we’ll use Jae Jun’s spreadsheets, and/or
  2. we’ll subscribe to data directly from Morningstar, Zacks, or some other service.

At about $10,000/yr, we’re probably leaning towards the former for now. I’ll keep you posted.

Once again, and I can’t say it enough…Thank you to the best value investing community around! I may be the one who pays for the site, but you should also take a bow — this only works because of you!

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