Last Random Post Saturday

July 21, 2007 by Joe Ponzio

Barring any major happenings that require a post, this will be my last weekend message. I will no longer post a “Random Thought Saturday”, opting instead to post a Random Thought “Whenever”. F Wall Street has more than exceeded my expectations, and I have to scale back a bit.

The Idea

As some of you know, I launched F Wall Street to accompany my upcoming book, F Wall Street. The plan was to start a site dedicated to providing ongoing support for readers of my upcoming work. I didn’t plan on having visitors for at least a year, and I certainly did not plan on having more than 55,000 visitors in my first month.

What started as preliminary marketing for an upcoming book is quickly growing into a forum/site where people can understand the lessons that Warren Buffett has been teaching for more than 50 years.

If you are new to the site and don’t quite get what we are doing here, let me provide you with a quote from an email I received regarding my “Buffett-esque” investment approach:

What intrigued me about this valuation technique is that it has no relationship to stock price, past or present…What a business is approximately worth is much more valuable information than what [Wall Street] is prepared to pay for it!

My goal is to present Warren Buffett’s wealth of knowledge to “regular” people.


I know-the categories on the right hardly do justice to the posts therein. I admit-I’m not good at organization, and this blog proves it to the world. Rest assured, I have a few people reading the past posts and figuring out a method to better categorize things so you can quickly and easily find your way around.

In The News

I’m not sure exactly how you found F Wall Street (I’d love to know), but the site has had a bit of exposure lately. Less than a month into blogging, I’ve (twice) been on CNBC’s Warren Buffett Watch, a Post Of The Day at The Motley Fool, and globally syndicated throughout Yahoo! Finance, ABC, Dow Jones, and Seeking Alpha, among others.

In addition, I’ve been quoted, referenced, or reprinted on ValuePlays, Gannon On Investing, The Sin Letter, and hundreds of other sites and newsletters (thanks all!). Am I patting myself on the back? A little. But, I’m also stressing that you are not alone on the site and there is a modicum of sense to my rants.

What’s The Point?

F Wall Street has grown well beyond my expectations given the short amount of time it has been online. Regardless, I’ll keep doing my thing-and I hope you’ll keep coming back for more. That said, I need to get a few things off my chest. This is, after all, a “Random Thought Saturday.”

This Is The End…Of Saturdays, At Least

This is the last post I intend to do on a Saturday. Banging away on my keyboard at 2:37 am on a Friday night is hardly my ideal start to a weekend. I have a billion things to discuss on F Wall Street, but they’ll have to be presented Monday through Friday. Random Post Saturdays will be no more. Sorry-I have a family that needs/wants me more than you need/want the Random Post Saturday.

Comments And Emails

I need your feedback. If you find yourself reading a post that doesn’t make sense, seems confusing, or otherwise needs clarification, please feel free to comment on it or send me an email. Those of you that have contacted me know that I am fairly quick in my responses. I am not some “high and mighty” author or analyst that doesn’t want to deal with people. I’m just a guy. I’m just Joe.

If you have a question or comment that would benefit others, post it as a comment under the appropriate post. To visitors, your comments are anonymous outside of whatever name you choose to post under. To me, they are also anonymous unless you provide me with a valid email address to which I can respond, if needed.

That said, don’t bother posting links or other spam. I personally moderate every comment so that spam doesn’t get through. My goal is not to restrict freedom of speech. Say what you want-good or bad-just don’t be a goof or your comment will be treated accordingly.

If You Don’t Hear From Me

As you may have noticed, I post every day. As such, I welcome emails and comments from visitors because it provides me with insight into what topics I should be discussing. Still, if you comment or email me and don’t hear back right away, don’t assume I’m ignoring you. Other than in rare instances where responses are not necessary, I will respond in a few days-or less.

A Note From Joe Ponzio

This section is for comments from F Wall Street visitors. Do not assume that Joe Ponzio agrees with or otherwise endorses any particular comment just because it appears or remains on this website.