F Wall Street Ain’t Dead

May 25, 2011 by Joe Ponzio

Silly goose. F Wall Street ain’t dead, even if I’ve given that impression over the past few months. The truth is: I have been swamped with work — you know…that silly little thing I do from time to time when I’m not posting on F Wall Street!

Once again, I welcome you back to F Wall Street with a series of changes. Though I appreciate all of the hard work and effort our guest contributors put into this site, I’m reorganizing it back into my own, personal investment blog. You can still visit their blogs to read more of their articles, but F Wall Street is going back to the old format — a one-man show.

We’ve also implemented some new changes to the comments section. Old comments are now archived and we’re relying on Facebook to handle our comments and moderation going forward. Rather than burden you with having to create an account on F Wall Street (and remember yet another password), you now only need to have a Facebook account.

If you’re on Facebook, say hello. If not, what are you waiting for?

A Note From Joe Ponzio

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