Keeping Up With Your Businesses

March 10, 2008 by Joe Ponzio

I have to admit – going to the EDGAR database every day to look for new filings is not one of my favorite tasks. When engaged in workouts, I find myself checking EDGAR multiple times a day to see if there is anything upsetting my applecart. Then there’s the issue of, “I bought this business and I want to stay on top of it, but I can’t check all my businesses every day – I’ll never have time to find new ones!”

So, I put my web designer to the test. The result? Sit back, put your feet up, and let your companies come to you.

Introducing the EDGAR Filing Feed

The F Wall Street RSS for EDGAR Filings (accessible at any time from the left menu The SEC finally entered the 21st century and now offers RSS feeds on the EDGAR site) allow you to subscribe to any company’s or individual’s filings with the SEC. Obviously, the company or person in question must be a SEC filer – a public, reporting company, an executive/insider, etc.

What this means: Rather than checking the EDGAR database for filings and updates, this tool will allow you to be automatically notified when new forms are filed. Insiders selling? You’ll know when the SEC does. Something upsetting the applecart? Be informed before reporters have time to write (and break) the story.

Fancy. But how does it work?

This tool pulls the data directly from the EDGAR database and creates an RSS feed. By subscribing to that feed, you’ll be notified when new forms and filings appear on the EDGAR system. You’ll be looking at the same information; it’s just presented differently. Rather than just being there for you to find, filings and updates are sent to you.

I don’t use RSS. Should I start using this free, timesaving gift from the technology gods?

Obviously, I like RSS. You should get to know it – it’s the future of information dissemination. It’s free; it’s fast; it’s convenient. Here’s a free YouTube tutorial on using RSS.

I currently subscribe to about 40 RSS feeds. Rather than going to each of those 40 websites and reading the news/articles, I sit back and let them come directly to my Outlook. Right now, I have 2,200 news pieces on possible workouts that I have to go through. Don’t want to read them? Delete All.

Best of all: It’s free, and you can unsubscribe to any feed at any time.

Let me know what you think about the RSS for EDGAR Filings. Enjoy!

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